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Bing vs Google - San Francisco Bay Area SEO & SEM Zak & Zu Marketing

Bing vs Google – A Tale of Two Search Engines

Most businesses focus on optimizing their website for Google, because… well, it’s Google. It’s everywhere. From Maps to smartphones and self-driving cars, Google seems to be taking over the world. But could you be missing out on customers by ignoring Bing? Let’s look at the numbers.

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Facebook Live - An Introductory Guide for Businesses San Francisco Bay Area Social Media Marketing Agency

Facebook Live for Business – An Introductory Guide

Do you ever get those notifications on Facebook saying that such and such friend of yours was live? Facebook Live has grown immensely popular since it was first publicly launched in April 2016, but many businesses are still not using it. Read on to learn how you can get an edge on social media by incorporating Live into your marketing strategy.

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Website Security - Why You Should Be Using HTTPS - SEO Tips from Zak & Zu Marketing

Website Security – Why You Should Be Using HTTPS

If your website doesn’t use an HTTPS connection, visitors may be greeted by a warning that your website is “NOT SECURE”. That’s probably not the best message to be sending to your customers! Learn how you can prevent this issue or fix it if you’ve already become a victim.

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