Ted’s sees 212% increase in revenue from email marketing

Ted’s sees 212% increase in revenue from email marketing


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Ted’s Brain Science (Ted’s) is a D2C e-commerce company, founded in 2016, that produces pain creams based on the recent work of two neuroscientists at the University of Texas at Dallas.


In mid-2020, Ted’s was facing a pandemic-related slowdown in business as COVID-19 shattered consumer confidence and household budgets. So, they approached us to help identify and execute cost-effective digital marketing strategies that would increase sales.


After completing a thorough audit of Ted’s current marketing strategies, we found that email marketing was an underutilized channel that could offer a serious boost to Ted’s sales if done right.

Because Ted’s doesn’t have a large in-house marketing team, we took a hands-on role in executing the strategyfrom brainstorming topics of interest every week to writing the content, designing graphics, formatting and sending the emails in their email marketing software, and measuring and reporting back on campaign results.

Our team wrote relevant, compelling content for every email—hooking into salient customer pain points (like the surge in people experiencing back pain as they started to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic), gift giving holidays and events (like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day), customer reviews/testimonials (social proof), and more.

We also created new HTML email templates with improved readability, more eye catching imagery, etc.

Here’s an example of one such email blast that we created for Ted’s:


Also, because, we are a full-service marketing agency and not just an email marketing company, we were able to go beyond email and also make other impactful changes across the buyer journey—things that would ensure email recipients convert to sales on the website at a higher rate.

For example, we re-designed the product pages on Ted’s Shopify website to better highlight their products, showcase positive customer reviews, clearly address frequently asked questions (FAQs), and more.

Another particularly effective strategy involved utilizing dynamic website popups to generate more revenue from upsells and cross-sells (while also better educating customers about their purchase options and improving the online ordering experience).

Lastly, we also deployed a number of strategies to amplify results more efficiently (i.e. work smarter). One such strategy involved email re-sends, which nearly doubled the number of email opens, clicks, and sales per campaign without us having to generate twice as much content.


In our first 12 months working together, Ted’s saw a 212% increase in sales coming directly from their marketing emails—that represents six figures in additional revenue and an ROI of 1,700%!

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